How do I join the HauteCarat Referral and Loyalty Program?

Just make your first purchase with HC, and you'll automatically be enrolled and receive Silver member status.

How does the referral program work?

Share your unique referral link with friends. When they make a purchase using your link, they get a discount, and you earn cashback rewards to use on future purchases.

What benefits do I get as a member?

When you refer a friend, they receive a discount on their purchase, and you earn cashback rewards from their purchase. Additionally, you always receive cashback rewards on all of your own purchases.

What benefits do I get at each membership tier?

At each tier, you earn cashback rewards from the first purchase of each friend you refer, plus you will always earn cashback rewards on all your own purchases.
Silver Tier: Your friend gets a 10% discount, and you receive 10% cashback rewards
Gold Tier: Your friend receives a 15% discount, and you get 15% cashback rewards
Platinum Tier: Your friend enjoys a 20% discount, and you earn 20% cashback rewards

How do I move up in membership tiers?

Silver Tier: Become a member after your own first purchase.
Gold Tier: Refer 3 friends who each make a purchase.
Platinum Tier: Refer 10 friends who each make a purchase.

How do I invite a friend using a referral coupon?

Log into the Members area and create your unique coupon in the referral section here: www

Are referral coupons reusable?

No, each coupon is unique. Generate a new coupon for each friend you refer.

Do the discount coupons for friends expire?

Referral coupons expire after 30 days if not used, but you always can generate a new one for your referral.

Does the cashback I earn have an expiration date?

No, currently all cashback rewards earned in our program do not have an expiration date. You can use it at any time in the future that suits you.

How will I know if my referred friend completed a purchase and I earned cashback rewards?

You will receive an email notification when your referred friend makes their first purchase and order has been shipped.

When will my account be credited with my earned cashback rewards?

Cashback rewards will be credited to your account once the respective order has been shipped, whether it is your own order or a referral's. You will receive an email at the time of order creation letting you know the cashback rewards are pending.

When will I receive my cashback rewards?

You'll get an email when your friend makes their first purchase, confirming pending cashback. The rewards are credited once the order ships, whether it's yours or a referral's. Another email notifies you of pending cashback at order creation.

How do I track my cashback and referrals?

Log into your account on our website to see your rewards balance and referral activity in the 'My Balance' section.

Can I use my cashback rewards immediately?

Yes, you can use your cashback rewards on any subsequent purchase.

How do I redeem my cashback and how to use it?

Redeem your cashback by creating a coupon in the 'My Balance' section within the Members area. This coupon can be used during checkout for your next purchase.

What is the limit for redeeming cashback rewards?

You can redeem any amount starting from $1 up to the maximum balance available in your cashback account.

Can I use the redeemed cashback coupon to pay for an order partially or in full?

Yes, you can use the coupon to cover part or the entire cost of your order.

Can I use the redeemed cashback coupon for myself or give it to someone else?

The redeemed cashback coupon is flexible; you can either use it for your own purchase or gift it to someone else.

Can cashback rewards be exchanged for cash?

No, cashback rewards can only be used for purchases on the HauteCarat website and cannot be exchanged for cash.

What happens if I or my invited friend returns a purchase?

The cashback rewards earned on that purchase will be deducted from your account.

Are there any fees to join or maintain my membership?

To move up tiers, simply invite friends. When they make their first purchase, you'll progress to higher levels. There are no fees associated with maintaining your membership!

Who can I contact for more questions?

Feel free to reach out to our customer support team for any additional inquiries at