Based in Beverly Hills, HauteCarat is at the epicenter of style and elegance—just like its customers. We know that conflict-free is the way to be, so we’re changing the game with an unparalleled selection of styles made with real, no-drama diamonds sourced right here in the United States. While chemically identical to mined gems, HauteCarat diamonds are created above ground in labs rather than dangerous mines. By harnessing the power of science and cutting out the middle man, we can meet our customers at prices that work for them while offering the highest quality in the industry.


HauteCarat jewelry is handmade in dual manufacturing facilities in Beverly Hills and Chicago. Our craftsmen are industry veterans with more than 20 years experience in diamond setting, and produce each ring, necklace or earring with the highest attention to detail. In addition to our top quality lab diamonds, we use solid 18k gold — no detail is overlooked and no corner cut.


In the complex diamond industry, it can be difficult to get straight answers or fair prices. Not so at HauteCarat. Our diamonds are 100 percent real: We reproduce mine conditions in a lab, speeding up the million-year process with science to create stones that are chemically identical to mined ones — just without the adverse effects on the environment or unsafe working conditions. And while traditional fine jewelry brands mark up their product significantly — often eight to ten times what it costs to produce — HauteCarat can sell high quality jewelry at a fair price because we cut out the markups for wholesale and over-the-top marketing. All our diamonds are conflict-free, graded under the highest scrutiny by a certified gemologist and accompanied by a detailed appraisal report from the International Gemological Institute (IGI). We fully guarantee each diamond with a 100-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.