HauteCarat is committed to:

  • People, places and materials
  • Working with non-conflict diamonds
  • Being prudent about the materials we source
  • Hand-made production
  • Using non-toxic artisanal methods, with low energy requirements
  • Using recycled metals as much as possible
  • Reusing aged or dead stock
  • Recycling metal scrap, paper scrap, packaging, and shipping materials
  • Using proper chemical disposal procedures and energy-efficient practices in studios/workshops
  • Using eco-friendly sources
  • Using recycled, recyclable packaging
  • Observing sustainable office and workshop practices
  • Ensuring all stakeholders along the supply chain earn a livable wage
  • Empower diversity with all of our stakeholders


At HauteCarat, our diamonds are second to none. However, a flawless product could not be possible without an unmatched team. And to us, our people matter the most. From our employees and suppliers, to our manufacturers and of course, our customers, we pride ourselves on caring deeply about the team that makes HauteCarat everything and more that it is. As a company, we strive to empower all our stakeholders, making certain that all that are doing business with/for HauteCarat earn a livable wage. We can confidently ensure all stakeholders involved earn higher than minimum wage across the supply chain. We value diversity, counting over 30 nationalities within our supply chain and in-house teams. Melting pot FTW! We are also a woman and minored owned company!


HauteCarat manufactures its jewelry in Chicago. All products are hand-made from our valuable, veteran craftsmen and women. We strive to oversee that pollutants are being disposed of responsibly, at both manufacturing facilities. All of our workshops also observe sustainable office/workshop practices.


We are committed to responsibly sourcing all of our materials for HauteCarat. Being mindful of creating the least amount of both environmental and adverse human impact as possible is in the forefront of our minds when producing our jewelry.


Our diamonds aren’t the only sustainable star of our jewelry show; all of our gold comes from previously recycled jewelry! Our refiners take in gold from different vendors, melt it down, and then separate the other metals, leaving a gorgeous gold result. We also repurpose any old stock into new gold and diamond jewelry. *brushes shoulders off*


All of our packaging is made from--you guessed it!-- recyclable materials.


All of our locally sourced diamonds are mine free, therefore, conflict-free! HauteCarat removes the dangerous and environmentally destructive effects of mining from the picture, and replaces it with sourcing from scientist-managed laboratories. Lab grown diamonds create less mineral waste and carbon emissions, while using fewer gallons of water than their mined counterparts’ carat for carat. Adverse social impact from diamond mining is lessened tremendously; child labor and support for corrupt regimes is no longer. Instead, we empower highly skilled, cutting edge engineers and scientists. The way it should be.