It’s the time in your life when you and your partner are deciding on your next step in life: engagement!

Besides your locked-and-loaded Pinterest boards with endless inspo, you’d like to take a look around jewelers and get a feel for your dream bling.

But, instead of feeling elated with options upon options of gorgeous rings, you’re feeling overwhelmed, unimpressed, and frustrated with outrageous price points and lack of help.

Girllll…we’ve been there before. One of HauteCarat’s owners and founder, Haley, built a brand off of her own past experience and a need for change in an ever-dominating industry.

While doing her own engagement ring research, Haley struggled to find anything she really liked. She found she wasn’t getting the proper help she needed from staff while browsing to get ideas of what she wanted.

It was then that Haley knew the diamond industry was missing something, from its lack of transparency between buyer and seller, to its harmful environmental impacts, to the only wow-factor of such rings being their price tag.

What was missing was real pricing, ethical creation, and people who truly care about you as a consumer. Thus, HauteCarat was born.

HauteCarat knows we’re living in a time where conflict-free is the way to be. Old mined-diamond practices are so 2000-and-late, with harmful environmental impacts and high risk of wellbeing for workers, so we’re changing the game every single day with our ethically created lab-grown diamonds.

If you’re looking to learn more about the history of lab grown diamonds, we’ve got you covered. We’re committed to our ethical mission of sustainability: besides our diamonds, all materials, gold, and packaging are created from previously recycled material with environmental and human impact in the forefront of our minds. Learn more about HC’s sustainability here.

Not only do we strive to make the world a better place by harnessing the power of science to create diamonds in a controlled laboratory setting, we provide gorgeous, modern jewelry to cater to the style and elegance of everyone, no matter what their unique prerogative may be.

One hundred percent of our diamonds grown in our labs are 100% real, graded under highly qualified and trained gemologists, with a detailed appraisal report from the International Gemological Institute.

Plus, our pricing is pretty dang good thanks to the lack of middlemen, wholesaler markups, and over-the-top-marketing, meaning you’ll look great while feeling even better.

We take pride in our unmatched styles and designs featuring ethically made diamonds that don’t break your bank.

Stunning diamonds + conflict-free = a happy you.

Hungry for more HC history? Click here.

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