2020 is already one for the books. COVID-19 has swept the world rapidly, replacing our social gatherings with group chats, in-person work meetings with Zoom conferences, weekend restaurant exploring with contactless food delivery, and quick grocery runs with suited-up, well-prepared plans.

With more time at home, we’re restless & itching to resume our daily normal activities. Bar hopping, restaurant dining, shopping...you know, the usual.

In all seriousness, normalcy is being craved and lives are being lived differently in quite drastic ways. Now more than ever, we’re basking in the beauty of online shopping and home delivery; contactless and convenient.

HauteCarat is proud to serve you both with our Home Try-On experience. Because we get it- we’ve gotten it from the start. *brushes shoulder off*

It’s important to support small businesses by shopping local and staying home during this time to minimize contact with others while maintaining our own sanity through things we enjoy, like, oh I don’t know... trying on diamond rings, perhaps?

Even before the trying times of COVID-19, HauteCarat strives to provide a convenient, unforgettable at-home experience when it comes to online shopping, more specifically, diamond ring shopping.

You know the drill. You enter a jewelry store to take a peek, and instantly get bombarded with questions and attention, all in efforts to make a sale. No straight answers, no fair pricing. Talk about overwhelming! That’s why HauteCarat changes the game with our home try-on experience. Our home try-on allows you to pick your favs and preview at your place; in the comfort of your own home, with no pushy salesmen and no pressure. Let us walk you down our metaphorical aisles before walking down your own.

All it involves is taking three easy steps in the direction of your forever: Select, Try, Return.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Select: We get how most ladies can be: we’re indecisive AF! That’s why we allow you to select up to three ring designs that catch your eye and spark a fire in your heart. Select your fav ring designs, gold color, and carat size, then HauteCarat will send you mockup versions of each, made of 100% finished brass and cubic zirconia, for a $300 credit towards any engagement ring purchase after returning (More questions? Got you covered here).

But wait, I don’t even know my ring size, what if my engagement ring doesn’t fit? Let’s be real, we all have that paralyzing fear of our partner getting down on one knee, popping the big question, trying to jam a too-small ring on our finger! No worries, HC will send you a complimentary ring sizer. Crisis averted.

Try:So, your three gorgeous HC rings arrive at your place, without contact, 6 feet apart from the rest of the world, of course. Now what? You get to spend five glorious days basking in their beauty in the comfort of your sweatpants with a full glass of Pinot, that’s what! Test run the rings, preview their shape, size, and design to make sure it’s the right fit- literally and figuratively!

Return:Like drinking the last sip of an iced coffee, sadly, all good things must come to an end. After five days have passed, you may return the rings via return label and envelope included. Don’t worry, we get that the days tend to blur together like how coffee o’clock blends into wine o’clock, so we’ll remind you 1 day prior when your home try-on experience is coming to an end. Five days pass and you’re still undecided? Shoot us an email requesting however many more days your heart desires, and we’ll work with you to have you heart set in stone, no pun intended.

Although your home try-on experience may be ending, the fun is just beginning! Not only will we drop a hint to your S.O. about the ring that you’re heart-eyes over (upon providing an email), you’ll also have a $300 credit towards your future purchase. Time to get shopping for your dream bling!

And there you have it! Diamond rings, done your own way.

If you’ve participated in our home try-on and loved your experience with us, feedback and reviews are much appreciated so that indecisive gals like yourself feel confident about making such a big decision! It’s important to shop small, support local businesses, and stay at home during this time, because we’re all in this together & we’re here for you.

Our HauteCarat team wishes for the safety and good health of everyone, including health care workers, first responders, and all other essential workers during this time.

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