Discover why diamond eternity bands make the perfect Christmas gift this year with their infinite array of ethical diamonds and sparkles.


Santa’s Coming to Town, and He’s Bringing Diamond Eternity Bands

The holidays are a time of joy and togetherness. Between Christmas shopping, tree decorating, cookie baking, and cocoa sipping, magic and nostalgia are abundant in the air.

Gift giving is an exciting time to give friends, family, and significant others something that makes them feel special and loved. Something that lets them know you’re thinking about them, thanking them, and honoring them.

The perfect gift is a blend of all things Christmas: togetherness and magic. A diamond eternity band exudes both.

Diamond eternity bands have an infinite amount of sparkle with their 360-degree design of ethical diamonds. They maximize the glow without adding much bulk, a win-win in our book!

Eternity bands are beautiful as wedding bands to add another layer of beauty to your lab-grown diamond engagement ring. They also hold their own as eye-catching, elegant rings to stack and layer, entirely dependent on your personal aesthetic.

Shop HauteCarat’s Diamond Eternity Bands this Christmas; Because Diamonds are on Everyone’s List.

Take a look at some gorgeous diamond eternity bands to gift to that special someone this Christmastime; because Christmas magic isn’t limited just to the month of December.

Round-Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Let’s start with a classic for you. Round cut diamonds are simply timeless, with their radiant beauty and elegance. The luminous strand of lab-ground round-cut diamonds stands alone stunningly or makes the perfect match with a HauteCarat engagement ring. The love for this ring, much like round-cut diamonds, will never go out of style.

Oval Diamond Eternity Band

An excellent gift for the romance-obsessed lady in your life. Oval-cut lab diamonds are elongated and elegant, creating an endless strand of lab-grown brilliance. We can’t help but think of presenting this gorgeous array of ethical diamonds on a romantic holiday date like ice skating, hot cocoa-sipping, or Christmas light browsing. Warm up the chilly winter season with this type of ice.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Eternity Band

A real vision of royalty. Emerald-cut lab-grown diamonds are incredibly regal and stunning, making this diamond eternity band the perfect gift for the extravagant people in your life. Emerald-cut diamond eternity bands make a bold statement when stacked with other eternities or engagement rings.

Baguette Diamond Eternity Band

Geometric and stunning. This eternity band is elegant and timeless to gift to a sophisticated and chic lady in your life as an everyday piece of jewelry. Seventeen baguette-cut lab-grown diamonds decorate 18K gold to create a unique charm that stands alone gracefully or welcomes bigger and bolder eternity bands for a luxurious stacked look.

Single Prong Eternity Band

This eternity band is a visual representation of what 2020 was all about: Standing together while staying apart. Gifting this single prong eternity band to someone special in your life this Christmas will remind them of how loved and cared for they are; much-needed affirmations in these uncertain times. Single 18K gold prongs separate round-cut lab-grown diamonds, creating a sweet yet fierce scalloped effect to rock every day.

This list only scratches the surface of the incredible array of eternity bands and rings you can shop from HauteCarat this holiday season.

If you really want to take exceptional gift-giving into your own hands, contact us to design your very own custom diamond eternity band. Although all of our jewelry and rings are set in modern elegance, we encourage your personal style to take the reign! Customize a band the exact way you (or the recipient) want it for an unforgettable Christmas gift that you’ll love for infinity.

No matter the style you select, each ring makes an excellent Christmas gift for all the special friends, family, and loved ones in your life. They represent endless love and appreciation while providing an infinite band of lab-grown ethical diamonds— endless sparkle, forever magic.

Santa, stop at HauteCarat this Christmas. We’re excited and ready for you!

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