Turn up the heat this summer with HauteCarat’s summer selection of six rings set in modern design, perfect for your next beach or city vacay.


Summer is the time of year when bigger is always better; bigger sunglasses, bigger sunhats, bigger cocktails, bigger diamonds.

With the hot sun and ocean breeze, it’s easy to style minimalistic outfits of sundresses, crop tops, even your cutest bikini, with gold jewelry that makes a statement. Sometimes, you can let the bling do all the talking.

A selection of gold rings perfect for summer is curated and stylishly photographed just for you to heat your season even more.

Six Summer Must-Haves

Whether you’re beaching in Miami, strolling the concrete jungle of New York, or staying true to your roots in your hometown of Chicago (holla!), you’ll be dripping in diamonds best suited for your style.

A sparkling, stunning ring is the perfect accessory for any of your beach ‘fits, let’s be real.

With the help of the ever-fabulous fashion, lifestyle, & travel blogger Ali Stone, she’s styled and photographed the six must-have engagement rings and bands that you need this summer.

Must-Have: Engagement Rings

Oval Cut with Tapered Baguettes Diamond Ring

If your summer season is also your season of love, tapered baguettes are the perfect maids-of-honor to a fabulous oval cut lab-grown diamond.

You’ll be swooning with a suntan when your partner drops to one knee to make you his or her forever.

A glamorous oval cut diamond accompanied by tapered baguettes is a significant and bold alternative to a more traditional engagement ring.

Show off your rock with a fierce bikini to keep the heat turned up.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Forever never felt so right with this gorgeous emerald cut diamond ring.

Straightforward and shining, an emerald cut diamond on an 18K yellow gold band will dress up even the most casual summer outfits.

A unique diamond cut is a brilliant way to accessorize along with a fab floppy sunhat and espadrille sandals.

Round Brilliant Halo Pave Diamond Ring

Round like a beach ball chillin’ in the pool, or a fresh lemon round floating in your drink, round cut lab-grown diamonds are perfect for the summer season.

A halo of pave diamonds encrusting a round cut rock is an exciting addition to an already-elegant ring.

Ripped jeans and cute sneakers are the must-have items to rock with your round halo to walk the city-scape.

Must-Have: Diamond Bands

Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

‘Big’ gets more prominent with a stunning emerald cut diamond band.

Chunky, emerald cut diamonds line up, side by side to create a breathtaking vision of bling which can be sported alone or accompanied by a lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

Tanned skin and shining diamonds make for an unforgettable summer with a dramatic pair of cat-eye sunnies.

Half Pave Diamond Band

Soak up the sun with a gorgeous pave diamond band.

Pave diamonds half-way encrust white gold to give even the most in-your-face engagement rings an added WOW factor.

Pair with a delicate sundress for a bling-filled statement as you dance in the ocean waves.

Criss Cross Pave Diamond Band

X marks the spot in the sand where your forever will be.

A criss cross pave diamond band is double the fun for your summer. More bling is never a bad thing and can add a special touch to the most glamorous or minimalist of engagement rings.

Add to your favorite pair of jean shorts with an off-the-shoulder floral top for a comfortable sun-kissed summer look.

It’s not hard to turn up the heat even when the sun goes down. Our lab-grown diamonds make a fabulous addition to make your summer larger-than-life.

A huge HauteCarat thank you to Ali Stone for bringing these fabulous photos to life.

Be sure to follow Miss Stone on Instagram @alialistone, Pinterest, and Facebook for the most beautifully curated fashion, lifestyle, and travel pictures! You can also check out her personal website & blog, Those White Walls for more of her content.

Whether you’re beachside or city chillin’, these six summer must-have rings will leave you basking in the summer sun for every season to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Make all your bling dreams come true this season with HauteCarat.

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