Diamonds have been a girl’s best friend since 1953, because Marilyn Monroe said so... duh! Precious and luxurious, diamonds have remained a well sought-after stone due to their beauty and exclusivity. However, times are changing, and the diamond industry follows suits. We’re no longer only dreaming about big bling, we’re buying it!

HauteCarat provides a conflict-free, ethical option for buying the bling you’ve always dreamed about at affordable prices. With endless options of stunning stones, the HC team is proud to be your one-stop-shop for ethical buying with fabulous results.

If you’re taking the big plunge into the next step with your life partner, it all starts with getting your toes wet! Although there are endless options to choose from, discovering the kind of diamond you love and how you envision it can be overwhelming. We totally get it! It’s not like you’ve been dreaming about getting married since you were young or anything!

It’s helpful to start with the basics when deciding upon your forever. You got through the hardest part of finding the perfect life partner and checking off some major boxes...now it’s time for the fun part!

Let’s pop that bubbly and take a look at some timeless cuts of diamonds and what famous hands are rocking ‘em...you know, just to visualize! Standard procedure, we swear.

Timeless Diamond Cuts


First up: a round cut diamond. This brilliant stone cut truly withstands the test of time. Classic and classy, you can’t go wrong with deciding upon a round cut diamond. Pairing a round stone with an appropriate band is ridiculously easy, because it’s almost impossible to go wrong with this classic. This type of ring is definitely for the one who’s been planning their fairytale wedding ever since they could remember. Stars like Mila Kunas, Emily Blunt, and Lauren Conrad rock these timeless diamond cuts. Ring us up!


A rounded rectangular (think pillow-like) cushion cut is charming and elegant. It’s not quite as bold as a princess cut yet gives off a strong romantic presence opposed to a softer, more rounded oval cut. The timeless diamond cut, cushion, remains popular throughout the years, and the larger in scale, the more glamorous! Take it from Kim Kardashian West, Gabrielle Union, and Priyanka Chopra when we say this bling is dripping in class.


A princess cut is for the bold hearted! With solid lines and crisp edges, this cut is a knock-out. This stunner offers similar brilliance to a classic round, but with a more geometrical shape. We’d highly recommend this timeless cut for those who like to stay traditional, but with elevated charm and class. Television stars Nicole Polizzi and Kendra Wilkinson rock some seriously gorgeous princess cuts. Truly a bold cut for bold ladies but remains as timeless as ever.

*Pictured above is a cut most similar to Princess that HauteCarat offers, which is called the Asscher cut.


Emerald cut diamonds reek elegance. Although a more vintage cut, we’re seeing more high-profile stars dripping in emeralds for celebrity engagements. Due to their symmetry, their brilliance is radiant and well proportioned. This timeless diamond cut is recommended for those who’ve dreamed of royal-like luxury since they were little girls. Elizabeth Taylor sported an almost 30-carat emerald. Like come on! Good news is, we offer such luxury at lesser prices. High profile, here we come! Show-stoppers Amal Clooney and Jennifer Lopez also rock this lux diamond cut, and it’s everything and more you could dream of. Oh, and we can’t forget about Beyonce’s 24 carat emerald. Need we say more?


Oval cut diamonds are an upscaled version of a classic. Modern meets timeless with this stunning, sleek cut. An elongated round shape offers brilliance in a unique shape, also allowing for it to rest pretty on the hand, making fingers appear longer and slender. If you’re feeling romantic, modern, yet still traditional, an oval is a beautiful timeless diamond cut for you. Too safe? Needing more wow? Turn it sideways! A sideways oval can be a unique, fresh take on a classic. Although, Hailey Baldwin’s & Blake Lively’s gorgeous, classic oval stones are reason alone to go heart-eyes for this timeless cut.

Nothing is as Timeless as Your Happiness

It doesn’t matter what trends come and go, what matters is the one that your heart is dead set on. But with so many breathtaking options, which one can possibly seem like the right fit, when they all fit so well? We say whichever one that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and radiant. Much like your partner, once you know...you know!

HauteCarat offers an incredible opportunity to browse our aisles before walking down your own with our home try-on experience. If you’re stuck between any of these timeless diamond cuts, try them all! We’ll happily send you three sample rings for a total of five days so you can rock these timeless diamonds and see first-hand which one brings out celeb in you! HauteCarat wants to ensure your bling is truly something you believe in, from our ethical sourcing to our budget-friendly pricing. Not to mention, a 100-day refund guarantee. To get forever started, click here.


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