There are one of two ladies among this beautiful world of engagement ring shopping. The first type of lady knows exactly what she wants, and when she wants it. A powerful, decisive, mind-made-up type of woman who has every last detail planned, right down to the second. The second type of lady doesn’t even know where to begin! But, knows she likes diamonds and bling, but doesn’t want to have to spend a fortune to get her dream engagement ring, (let’s be real, she doesn’t want to have her partner spend the big bucks. We love a considerate (almost) spouse!)

If you’re anything like us, you like options. It’s not all type-A over here, believe us. Nonetheless, we’ll happily help each and every one of you create a custom ring that exudes every ounce of you. The designs of our jewelry provide inspiration for creating your dream look, and if you’re having trouble envisioning what that may look like, we’re here to help.

First Things First

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring, you’ve most likely had a minute (or several) to browse through diamond cuts you like best. We see those Pinterest boards girl, we don’t judge!

If you’re unsure about what diamond you feel exudes your love and your confidence best, we cover all of our bases by discussing some timeless diamond cuts in a previous journal post for you.

Once you’ve decided upon the type of diamond cut you have your eyes and heart set on, the fun can truly begin! Let’s get to creating a memorable ring and even more memorable stack.

The combinations seem endless when deciding upon gold types, band types, wedding bands, etc. Although it can be overwhelming to create your dream ring, there’s no such thing as making a bad decision. Each one of our rings can stand happily alone or stacks up stunningly with each other. With our endless, ethical options, we’re proud to offer something that fits everyone’s style, vibe, and budget.

Let’s take a look at some ways to mix and match our HauteCarat rings.

Your Vibe, Your Way

An engagement ring and wedding band will be pieces of jewelry that withstand the test of time, and although we love a trendy moment, it’s most important to create a look that you’ll continue to love and cherish as the years pass.

Whether it’s romantic, modern, traditional, eclectic...the list never ends when it comes to styles and vibes. It’s 2020, girls! We can get away with (almost) anything! Be bold and daring but stay true to you. Because of our ever-changing society, we’re willing to take more risks and make statements, and you may be one to do so with your jewelry.

No matter what you’re striving for, our common denominator is clear: diamonds. HauteCarat offers ethical, conflict-free diamonds that everyone will certainly drool over, regardless of the rings and bands you choose!

Let’s get started.


It’s only appropriate to start with a traditional moment for our traditional brides.

A round cut brilliant diamond is about as traditional as you can get for engagement rings, and for good reason! The timeless cut looks amazing on just about anybody’s finger, and it doesn’t take long to pair a gorgeous wedding band with a round cut engagement ring. If you’re a traditional gal through and through, our round brilliant diamond ring pairs perfectly with our pave diamond eternity band, both gorgeous in 18K white gold. Striking pave diamonds compliment the simplicity of this engagement ring, and 18K white gold is the elegant choice of gold to allow our conflict-free diamonds to do all the talking. Opposites really do attract.


The hopeless romantics love tradition with an elegant twist. Romanticism is not hard to find with our ethical diamond engagement rings, especially our oval cut with tapered baguettes ring in 18K white gold. An oval is an elegant, elongated diamond cut that looks stunning on hand. Two tapered baguettes hug the center stone, adding an additional sweetness to a traditional ring, allowing their radiance to take center stage on 18K white gold. A baguette diamond eternity band in 18K rose gold is the perfect match for this engagement ring. Rose gold is understated yet feminine, and the matching baguette diamond cuts shows cohesion between the two rings. What’s not to love?


Eclectic gals can be defined, generally, by loving to get their inspo from a magnitude of sources. A creative, all-encompassing woman loves to be bold, and a stone as strong as a diamond is no different for her. For someone who loves to inspire with their looks and fashion trends, we recommend our emerald cut tapered pave diamond ring in 18K yellow gold. Yellow gold is truly a classic look, and when hugging our tapered pave bands, the result is bold and inspiring. Keeping on the yellow gold theme, our timeless 18K gold band is an understated addition to our stunning engagement ring. Often times, all-embracing people enjoy keeping things simple, and this pair is the perfect blend of inspiring as it is inclusive.


The old souls in all of us love a vintage moment, which has swept the nation full force in more recent years. The rings our great-grandmothers were blessed with are now becoming sought-after, due to their romantic and authentic features. Antiques portray rarity, something one a kind. And since our conflict-free diamonds are second-to-none, picking an engagement ring with a more antique vibe is effortless. Our pear cut pave ring in 18K white gold is an homage to a marquise diamond, which exudes family heirloom qualities. Being paired with our alternating bezel and leaf diamond ring in 18K yellow gold will give this ring an adorably unique touch, complimenting the pear cut diamond with the pear-type shape featured in the bezel and leaf band. Differing gold colors gives this vintage feel a modern twist.


More bling for your buck; that’s our modern mantra. Brides in this new generation are all about the fabulous bling without breaking our budgets. We dare to be bold but enjoy remaining traditional in the sense that a diamond’s shine can do all the talking. Our emerald cut halo pave diamond ring is absolute perfection in 18K rose gold, a more modern take on a traditional yellow gold. A halo is feminine and precious, while an emerald center stone is powerful and luxe. Pair this ring with our triple sided pave diamond band in 18K white gold, and you’ll be living your best life. Mixing different gold allows for contrast; the white gold band allows for the radiance of the pave diamonds to be the star(s) of the show while rose gold remains modern. However, unity is still maintained between the same pave diamonds in both rings.

Here To Help

And there you have it! Several gorgeous pairings of different golds and styles, to create your perfect bling.

It may be fun to get wrapped up in a style you have your heart set on (those Pinterest boards are hard to resist!) but testing and trying out different ring styles you never once considered might open your eyes to an unforgettable result!

There is no wrong answer when wanting to mix and match styles, golds, or diamond cuts. Live your best life by taking the reign and trying out different pairings you’ve never seen before. You might fall in love twice!

You can feel confident in us that we’ll provide you with the best assistance in making your bling dreams come true. Our conflict-free diamonds are irresistible no matter what rings you decide upon, especially with our budget-friendly pricing. With our 100 day money-back guarantee, there’s no question that we do all that we can to ensure you’re truly in love with your HauteCarat jewelry.

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